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The Bump-out – Small Additions Add Big Value

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Adding great space to the inside doesn’t mean detracting from the outside of your home.

When you need a few extra square feet of living area without the rigors of a major remodeling plan, a bump-out addition is just the thing. Many Madison WI area homeowners want more space, but their lot size and budget won’t permit it. Adding a small addition that “bumps out” from the existing structure adds usable floor space anywhere in the house.

Consider adding space to your kitchen without knocking down interior walls. Or would you like to expand your master bath for a spa-like walk-in shower? Maybe your children are growing and need more closet space in their bedrooms? Would extra space for an office or laundry room be worthwhile?

Why Get ‘Bumped Out’

As your imagination suggests, a bumped-out addition is a limited expansion added to an existing room. It usually extends somewhere between 2 to 5 feet from the current wall. That doesn’t sound like much. However, when it comes to a room addition, a little goes a long way. Could your master bathroom benefit from an extra 40 square feet? That’s bumping an 8-foot wall out just 5 feet. These seemingly simple projects reflect truly big impacts from a relatively small space. Consider these benefits:

  • Plenty of impact with relatively low cost – much less than a full room renovation.

  • Space that can be added almost anywhere – first or second floors.

  • Does not require rerouting HVAC, electrical or plumbing (in most cases).

  • Small enough to appear seamless and not disrupt exterior appearances.

This kind of remodeling option provides solutions to space needs in small or awkwardly oriented rooms. They are often the only way to make a significant change to an older home on a small, restricted lot. Micro Additions Make Sense The results of a micro addition are measured in the benefit to daily life – this pleasant room was bumped from a boring wall. Another popular term for these traditional remodeling options is a micro addition. They add usable space at lower costs to provide comfort and versatility. When the time comes, they provide solid return on the investment, too.

An additional benefit of the micro approach, instead of a more traditional room makeover, is that the homeowners seldom must move out while work is being completed. While there is still plenty of dust, noise and foot traffic, a small addition takes less time and is less invasive.

The most obvious advantage of a micro-addition is the benefit of new living space. When space is the issue more than décor or physical requirements, this is a solid option.

Where A Bump-out Fits

Remember, this is a home addition, so it requires the same attention to planning detail as any other. Beyond construction there are legal details – building codes, permits, inspections, etc.

However small, where would an addition like this fit best? Consider these popular choices:

  • Improving bathrooms – older homes often have small bathrooms. A bumped-out addition of 10-square feet or less has a huge impact. Turn a half-bath into a full bath. Add a walk-in shower or soaking tub. Or make the space ready to accommodate aging or physically challenged residents. As families change their needs change – would a large vanity with two sinks ease morning congestion?

  • Energize a kitchen – kitchen traffic and workflow is often congested. A small addition opens up space for people. It also provides additional options for storage and choices for natural light. Adding an island to new floor space or creating a U-shaped kitchen for efficient food preparation are popular choices. Creating room for a handy pantry is also high on the wish list.

  • Improve dining options – a popular trend is to do away with separate, formal dining rooms. However, more and more homeowners realize the advantages of a designated dining area. A micro addition opens up space for casual or more formal seating – including window seats in bow or bay windows. This addition choice can create a cozy spot in a once boring room.

  • Bedroom advantages – a micro bump to create floor space for bedroom furnishings or added closet space is a wise investment. It might also include built-in cabinetry and shelves or incorporate a direct connection to a bathroom. In older homes, where closet space is limited, this is a top choice. It is also a great way to bring in natural light with new windows.

The Smallest Home Remodel Takes Skill

Even a small expansion of one room or two takes skill, experience, and the right tools. There are details going into a micro addition that appear easy – and they are to skilled remodeling contractors. But with work in progress, they are critical. Westring Construction LLC specializes in renovations of all sizes and shapes. We are especially skilled in breathing new life into older homes. From whole house remodeling, adding a second floor, renovating a room or creating a unique space, we’ve done it all. Our years of experience take the guesswork out of remodeling. We build in peace of mind. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to explore the possibilities of a bump-out addition to your Madison WI home.

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