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Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Madison, WI

Living in an area where full basements are common gives Madison WI homeowners access to dozens of options for expanding their living space. Basement finishing projects are not only economical they can quickly turn under-utilized space into exciting living areas.

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Basement Ideas

After a basement remodel or lower-level renovation, your under-appreciated basement becomes a focal point for family and friends. There’s no shortage of great ideas for basement rooms and activities. Consider a few of the most popular:

  • Your “game-time” recreation room – would a Bucky Badger of Packers theme work for you?

  • An expanded family room for kids and their friends.

  • A personal gym and workout room.

  • A media center, home theater.

  • The perfect place to dive into your hobbies and crafts.

  • A workshop.

  • A dedicated home office.

  • An extra bedroom or two.

  • An added bathroom – an ideal complement to a home gym or bedroom.

  • The perfect updated, inviting laundry room.

Let your imagination and family lifestyle dictate the best use of your below-ground level space. When you’ve organized your thoughts, we’re ready to tweak your plans based on our years of experience. There’s more to a basement remodel or lower-level renovation than you might think.

Your basement needn’t be a catch-all for “junk” from main floor closets or the garage. It deserves its own place in daily life.

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Begin Basement Finishing With The Basics 

To begin your plan for making the basement a more useable space, evaluate the basics from floor to ceiling, including:

Walls and the ceiling – consider dressing up the walls with more than paint. But don’t undervalue bright colors – unless you’re going for the “cave,” look use light colors to avoid making a confined space seem even smaller. Drywall on basement walls adds a finished touch. A design feature called wainscot – adding a more rugged material along the lower half of the drywall – creates a unique look and protects drywall from dings and dents. Ceilings can be drywall or specifically-designed creations for a basement remodel.

Employ plenty of light – traditional basement construction includes small unattractive windows and single-bulb light fixtures. One of the reasons you’ve avoided the basement is because “it’s too dark down there,” right? Because lower level ceilings are usually lower than the rest of the house, consider recessed lighting to make the most of the space between upped level floor joists.

Choose new windows – whenever possible, go for new, larger windows. Natural light is the No. 1 choice for creating a welcoming space. Unless your home has a walkout basement adding windows is a major task. However, it is possible with a full, below-ground poured concrete basement. NOTE—If you are considering adding a basement bedroom, you must add an egress window – a way to safely escape the basement if the stairway is blocked. It’s the law.

Renew the stairway – the “basement stairs” don’t get much consideration or attention during the building process. As you consider basement refinishing plans, give the stairs a makeover. Consider them as important to your basement remodel as the stairway to the second floor is. Give specific thought to safety and lighting.

Westring Construction listens to customer needs and wants and then exceeds expectations. Superb quality. - Sharon C.

Call Upon A Pro For Basement Renovation

What are the top priorities for your family home? You have options for home remodeling – you can go out, up, or down. Your basement may be a great space disguised as a drab storage closet. No doubt, it has unique characteristics. There are features influencing what you can and cannot do with the space.

You’re limited in some cases, and in others, you can do almost anything. Call upon the pros at Westring Construction to evaluate your basement and see which category best describes your space. We’ll sit down with you and discuss:

  • The foundation – you have to begin with the walls holding up the house. Are there cracks or signs of stress? A professional inspection is worth every second, especially for older homes.

  • Water issues – are there signs of water damage? Do you have water in your basement whenever we get heavy rain? A thorough inspection can reveal areas where water has seeped in, even if you’re unaware of it. Water issues don’t make finishing your basement impossible, but dealing with them is important. Time and money spent to find the cause and stop the leak is worth it before putting in new flooring, walls, or furniture, isn’t it?

  • Heating/Cooling – basements generally feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer because they are below grade (below ground). As you remodel, you’ll need to consider how ductwork is routed. The ducts feeding the upper floors are in the ceiling of your basement rooms. In addition, always make sure the water heater, furnace, etc. are easy to access when new walls go up.

  • Flooring – what kind of floor do you want? Inspect the basement floor as it is today. Are there cracks or chips? Concrete repair or replacement could be the first order of business. From there, determine what works in your setting – wood, laminate, vinyl, tile, carpet – you have many options.

What Is An Egress Window

If you’re hoping to add a basement bedroom an egress window is required by law. Even if there won’t be a bedroom right now, look into the future. Adding a window meeting the requirements can be a timely investment.

Modern building codes dictate any basement with sleeping quarters MUST have an egress window. Egress simply means “a way out.” The window has to be big enough for an adult to crawl out of and there needs to be a clear path to ground level outside.

You can’t beat the reward of bringing more natural light into the new rooms, can you? Adding a large window increases the comfort level of any room and adds to resale value.


Westring Construction LLC is known for its versatile approach to remodeling – we work up, out, and down! When you’re ready to explore bringing your home’s lower level into the 21st century, give us a call. There’s no better time than right now to make the most of the great space beneath your feet. Contact us for a basement finishing plan to complement your Madison WI home.

Westring Construction Understands Basement Finishing

As a dedicated home remodeling contractor Westring Construction LLC has served the Madison area for years. It’s provided renovation solutions for basements of all sizes and shapes in both newer homes and the area’s most historic residences.

As you create a wish list for your home’s lower-level renovation, we suggest documenting all your likes and dislikes. Consider all the elements we’ve shared here. As an underlying theme, think “energy efficiency.” Don’t overlook function in favor of style. An energy-conscious basement remodel benefits the entire house because:

  • Insulated basement walls seal and control air leaks around incoming pipes and wires.

  • New windows are more energy-efficient than decades-old versions.

  • Efficiently space heating/AC ducts improve overall performance.

Done right, basement remodeling projects boost your family’s living space without adding to your energy bills.


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