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Home Additions & Remodeling Services in Madison, WI

There comes a time when even the greatest house needs a change. You have options: move, remodel, or expand with a home addition. When you love your neighborhood in Madison, WI, moving isn’t the first choice, is it? Even a whole house remodel might not get to the root of the problem – you can only do so much within the existing footprint.

Rather than going through the disruption of finding a location with schools, neighbors, and an atmosphere coming close to what you’ve enjoyed for years, home remodeling makes sense. You’re attached to your home. Why toss it away and find something new when you can work with the professionals at Westring Construction LLC to bring it to its full potential?

LaButa Dormer Addition.jpg

Home Addition Options

Instead of looking at new home listings, review these home addition possibilities:

  • Build upward – if you’re in a 60s-era ranch-style home you can add a second story. Even in a Cape Cod or Craftsman bungalow, there’s often room for additional “upstairs” space.

  • Expand outward – when your property and local zoning laws allow you can add a new room, a whole wing or additional garage space. The popular “bump-out” provides a lot of useable space you never thought possible.

  • Create from within – many older homes lend themselves to the latest open concept interior designs. Changing traffic patterns, sightlines and overall efficiency with a whole house renovation is like building your house over again from the inside out.

It was great working with James Westring and architect Ed Kuharski as they designed and built a first floor addition to our house to provide a first-floor bath and laundry rooms, an expanded eating area in the kitchen, and a deck. - Mary

Luxury Bathroom

Home Addition Planning

Why your home needs a change? Common answers are:

  • My family is changing – blended families with more children, elderly parents moving in, or “empty nesters.”

  • There a special needs among family members.

  • The floor plan is out of date and inefficient.

  • I want to upgrade to modern appliances, fixtures, and cabinetry – I need more space.

  • Lifestyle changes dictate adding function – a home office, first-floor laundry, expanded bathrooms, etc.

Architectural Plans

Once you’ve set your goals, it’s time to consult a professional remodeling contractor with an eye on what can and cannot be done. Westring Construction, with its decades of home addition experience, brings skill and a unique perspective to every project. We see what’s there, and we see what is possible. And, we see the best route to getting there. We’ll get answers to the three “what if” questions.

  • What if we expand within the existing footprint?

  • If we build “out,” how will it fit the house’s style, neighborhood, and property?

  • What if we want to expand upward? Can it be done?

Before shopping for flooring and new paint colors, your remodeling contractor will review the true “nuts and bolts” of any project of this size. Dane County, including Madison, has stringent and specific zoning regulations, building codes, and local restrictions, and they dictate what can and cannot be built on residential property. You might see a vision of your dream house in your mind, but translating it to reality isn’t always easy.

Garage Addition.jpg

Veteran contractors work daily with local, regional, and state rules and regulations. The process begins with an understanding of:

  • Minimum/Maximum setback distances from the street.

  • Minimum space allowed between any structure and the lot line.

  • Concerns about expanding near a wetland or in a flood-prone neighborhood.

  • Height restrictions – both legal and physical.

Small Home Additions in Madison, WI are Great, Too

Turning a 1960s rambling ranch into a contemporary two-story is a great accomplishment, and it’s like creating a new house. If it fits within your budget and local laws allow, why not? Building upward is a big step; it takes skill, experience, and commitment. Doing it right means creating an addition that looks as if it’s been there for years and belongs. There are many elements to consider: windows, roof lines, shingles, siding, and overall architecture. Not to mention everything underneath it takes to be sure the lower walls will support all the added weight. If you can add a second-floor addition, the benefits include:

  • Great usable space without giving up any outdoor living area.

  • Now worries over setbacks or lot line encroachments.

  • A new look and curb appeal.

  • Higher resale value.

Adding space for a bathroom or kitchen remodel is best done by expanding outside the existing footprint or “stealing” space from somewhere that already exists inside. You can knock out walls, but there’s only so much you can do – inside, you cannot add space where none exists.


An upward expansion option is impractical if you already live in a two-story home. Expanding the blueprint outward is the way to go.

Headley deck.jpg

When you’re in need of a bathroom remodel to add space or a kitchen remodel for a better traffic pattern knocking down an outside wall makes sense. Instead of rearranging space you can really add on to it. Adding a few square feet to accommodate a bedroom, family room or laundry room update is worthy of attention. You don’t have to add or remodel an entire floor to get huge results.

The Beauty Of The Bump-out

Moving an exterior wall further into the yard is an amazing way to gain useable space in any room. Known as a “bump-out” the technique proves great results are achieved through relatively small actions. If you’re trying to expand your home’s usable space within a reasonable budget and without extended disruptions, does a small but impactful project sound good?

Consider what a basic bump-out does for your home:

  • Expands usable space without additional foundation work.

  • Blends neatly with existing styling.

  • A possible option for multi-level houses.

  • Fits nicely in an existing open floor plan.

  • Immediate visual and physical impact inside and outside.

  • Less disruption to daily routine because work is restricted to smaller spaces.

  • Can be accomplished any time of year because most prep work is complete before the outside wall opens up.

This small addition isn’t a perfect solution. It does take up some yard space and zoning restrictions might apply depending on where you want it.

Porches Extend Outdoor Pleasures and Value

From coast to coast, realtors report requests from home-buyers for porches out-pace requests for decks and patios. Not only do porches add value to your home, they increase your family’s enjoyment of its surroundings.

If you’re considering adding a porch to your house – or expanding and existing structure – take into account these recommendations for a porch addition:

  • Plenty of space – go as big as possible, leaving plenty of room for furnishings to seat guests, dining, etc.

  • Lighting – the roof of a porch blocks natural light so appropriate lighting extends the hours you can enjoy the structure.

  • Convenience – provide electrical outlets for additional lights, TV, stereo, etc. Consider building in access to entertainment systems – make sure your wireless network reaches the new structure.

  • Airflow – consider adding a ceiling fan to move warm, mid-summer air away from the roof.

  • Low maintenance – weather-resistant flooring, pet-proof doors and windows, etc.

Porches come in several categories:

  • Traditional “front porches.”

  • Well-known features known as “back porches.”

  • Wrap-around porches.

Each of these three designs can be created as screened porches. And, with advanced planning and professional designs they can incorporate specialty windows and seasonal insulation making them ideal three-season porches.

Madison has great, but unpredictable weather. Intense sunshine, periodic showers and bugs get in the way of enjoying even the best deck or patio. At the same time, screened porches are comfortable and safe. Relaxing on a 3-season porch in late fall or early spring would allow you to enjoy your yard so much more, wouldn’t it?

 When you want to get more enjoyment from the outdoor space you already have, consider adding a porch… or two!

Commit to Your Home Additions

Luebke Jones 3 Seasons addition.jpg

Your dream home is within reach – you may be living in it already! Making the decision to go ahead takes commitment. You’re committing time, money and your family’s daily routine – a remodeling project impacts everything.

People like to say: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” When it comes to home renovations and a home addition “small stuff” can quickly become “big stuff” without attention to detail. Westring Construction “sweats the small stuff” so you don’t have to.

We excel at every aspect of the home remodeling process and bring years of experience plus craftsmanship to every job. Most homeowners do not understand all of the expertise applied to home additions.

It’s our role to introduce unique, distinct ideas and solutions to moving your dream to reality. Call or email Westring Construction LLC today. See how we bring vision to life and add a unique flair to each home addition completed in the Madison WI area.

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