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Paint Color Choices Make Your Rooms Distinctive

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

What’s the hottest thing in paint colors? A professional painter has it ready for your walls.

Color trends come fast and often these days. Making the right paint color choices for your home is a major step in creating an exciting first impression on friends and family. Bringing a professional painter into your Madison WI area home gives you access to all the tools, accessories and paint options you might otherwise miss. There’s a lot more to refreshing or replacing your home’s paint than chips on a promotional chart.

A trend is a direction of interest, unlike a fad that comes and goes in an instant. Paint color trends change the way homeowners and designers think. Ours is a visual society and we communicate in colors and patterns. Consider that we see more images in a day than our ancestors may have seen in a lifetime. Color is splashed around us everywhere.

The novelty of colors creates interests and desire. If variety is the spice of life the palette available to painters today represents a very well-stocked pantry.

How to choose the “right” paint color for your home is one of the most often asked questions. A recent report says that if you Google “color trends” and you’ll get more than 17 million results.

Forecasting Paint Color Choices

Predicting the next hot color is big business. There are professional organizations that do it all the time – the Color Marketing Group (CMG), the Color Association of the United States (CAUS) and the International Color Authority (ICA). In addition, some governments around the world and dozens of paint manufacturers make predictions, too. Everybody wants to forecast the next “color of the year.”

In most cases, you’ll find several “colors of the year” because the paint-makers assign the honor to one of their creations. Officially, Pantone, the maker of color-matching tools, is the official selector of the annual top color. Pantone chooses a color to reflect the current cultural trends in interior design, architecture and fashion.

The choice homeowners have is between the color that’s best suited to their lifestyle and the hottest colors of the decade. What’s best for your home isn’t always the hottest selling creation. Thankfully, it’s your choice. You want the paint color in your home to reflect your personality, not some New York designer’s ideals, right?

In addition, you want to choose colors that will stand the test of time – nobody wants to repaint every couple of years because the colors lost their appeal.

Paint Choices With A Nod To Family Health

Revitalize a historic home and make a statement at the same time with your choice of paint colors and combinations.

Transforming your space with new paint requires careful thought. Picking the right color is only one consideration. While most companies provide eco- and family-friendly paints it’s always good to ask questions and make sure. The paint you put on your walls impacts the quality of your family’s life beyond color. Indoor air quality impacts family well-being. And that includes people and pets.

Paints and other finishes termed eco-friendly do not contain airborne chemicals or gases called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). They leach out into the air. Too many VOCs cause headaches, dizzy spells, visual and respiratory distress. Family members with allergies are particularly at risk. The EPA details a variety of VOC sources. Its reports point out that VOCs are as much as five times higher indoors than outside. When using paint and painting solvents studies show that level might go up as much as 1,000 times.

The good news is that modern paints are certified to be low in VOCs by independent agencies. Make the right choice – or have your professional painters provide low-VOC paints – and you reduce or eliminate the threat. Federal regulations dictate the level of VOCs in coatings. Most paint-makers offer “low” and “zero” VOC products. Understand that those tabbed “zero” are never really completely VOC-free. Low-VOC paints must contain fewer than 50 grams of VOC per liter; “zero” products must contain fewer than 5 gram per liter.

Latex and water-based paints have lower VOC content than oil-based paints because the basic ingredient is water. There are also mineral-based paints that have the lowest VOC content. However, these are rare and costly.

Tap Professionals For Paint Color Choices

Painting one room or the whole interior of your home takes preparation, proper tools and skill. It’s often the No. 1 Do-It-Yourself project on a homeowner’s list. It is also one of the top projects professionals are asked to come in and “fix” when the DIY effort falls short. Creating a professional-looking paint job requires professional skill. And, equally important is experience and access to professional tools. The right brushes, ladders, scaffolds and rollers make a difference. You want a professional result without investing in all the paraphernalia that goes with it, right?

Best known for its high-level residential and commercial remodeling expertise, Westring Construction LLC provides top-flight professional painting as well. Our painting staff boasts on-time completion and satisfied clients. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss a painting project. We’re ready to take on one room or the whole house. You will welcome our attention to detail from carefully selecting the safest paint to providing all the popular paint color choices for your Madison WI home.

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