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Create Your New Home With A Kitchen Renovation

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A kitchen renovation can easily lead to a four season sunroom addition, changing the entire feel of your Madison WI home.

A kitchen renovation is a gateway project with the ability to change the entire feel and function of your home.

Many family activities occur in the kitchen, so a kitchen renovation, whether it’s updating fixtures, creating a new footprint or catering to a variety of new activities, will change how you live in your home.

Thinking Outside The Kitchen Renovation “Box”

Thinking “outside the box” when considering a kitchen renovation can be a literal thing to do, not a figurative thing. For example, adding additional room to your home as part of a kitchen renovation can be a great starting point. Bumping out a kitchen can add a relaxed and inclusive family gathering space, like kids coming home from school and eating snacks. Or, when you entertain, the host can be included in the social aspect and not confined to the kitchen away from their guests.

  • A food prep area

  • A serving area

  • An eating area

  • A family gathering area

All of these areas can be part of a central location in a newly expanded kitchen. Now, add to your new kitchen renovation additional hidden storage in a kitchen island or kitchen cabinets and the bump-out takes on an even more exciting dimension. Don’t forget, the “bump-out” will also give you the needed room for professional level appliances for cooking and entertaining. A little expansion can go a long way in your existing home. It may not be a complete room as in a home addition, but it can certainly feel that way to you and to visitors. A Four Season Sunroom Will Open Up A Home A four season sunroom can be added to a kitchen renovation Another great example of making a “new home” from your existing structure is adding a home addition, or a sunroom, to a traditional ranch style home. There are many people with traditional ranch style homes. They love where they live, the neighborhood and their neighbors.

However, they would like a roomier home but do not want to move. A sunroom (or four season porch) adjacent to the kitchen and dining areas ties together three rooms and expands the square footage of the home. This home addition also expands the versatility of a ranch style home immensely by tying together the kitchen and dining area. A kitchen renovation like this can magically transform a limited kitchen area into a space for added activities, grandchildren or visitors at any time, but especially on holidays when families gather.

Your home “opens up” simply by pushing out a wall and adding the porch. The kitchen, dining area and new sunroom are all connected with a clear sight line in all directions. The living space is open without the claustrophobic feel of walls breaking up the room.

Economy With Every Kitchen Renovation Option

Adding onto a sound and solid existing structure with a sunroom or a four season porch is a much less expensive home addition option when compared to building a new house. And, when combined with staying in the location you prefer, there is really no better value for your kitchen renovation money.

For assistance in exploring “outside the box” kitchen renovations, contact Westring Construction, located in Madison WI. We are experts at home additions, sunrooms and remodeling projects of all sizes. We also excel at historic restorations, serving all of Dane County and surrounding areas including Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Cottage Grove and Stoughton.

Call us at 608-441-5435 or email us if you would like us to review your kitchen renovation project in Madison WI.

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