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Commercial Remodeling – No Time Like The Present

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

There’s no better time to move on a space renovation than when businesses and customers are excited about “getting back to normal.”

A commercial remodeling project can be anything from a minor face lift to a major addition. Now is an ideal time to put a new face on your Madison WI business. Welcome customers and staff back with a new, fresh and efficient space.

For small business and satellite offices the most common commercial project is the “buildout.” It’s a project where space within a building conforms directly to a tenant’s specifications. The buildout is ideal for older buildings where changes make sense within an existing footprint. Build-to-suit projects include professional business offices, medical facilities, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

Every business has specific needs so the makeover customizes the space. Everything counts from ceiling to floor and everywhere I between. Depending upon the business and the scope of the remodeling plan, a variety of professionals and services come into play:

  • General contractors

  • Construction management and construction services

  • Project coordination

  • Architectural and interior design

Accessibility for everyone gets priority treatment as does meeting every state, local and national building code. It is vital to employ a contractor well-versed in codes and regulations to ensure project success without delays. There are many differences between residential buildings and commercial establishments.

Trends In Commercial Remodeling Welcoming colors, unique fixtures and plenty of light make this open dining area a popular spot. Trends in building design for commercial facilities mirror interior design trends favored by homeowners. In fact, they often are trend setters that spill over into homes. If you’re planning to invest in a new look, you want it to be welcoming and popular, right? Consider these design features spearheading popular commercial building:

  • Natural lighting – using as much natural light serves two purposes: it reduces energy bills; and it makes for a more comfortable work environment. Natural light reduces eye fatigue and a little more sunshine impacts mental performance. Windows and skylights are excellent design features.

  • Employ the “open concept” – made popular in the media as the ideal floorplan for homeowners, the idea of open space makes even more sense for commercial buildings. Not only do open spaces make the most of natural light they allow for better employee/customer communications and interaction. Cubicles for offices are “old school” in many situations. The open concept applies in offices with fewer than a dozen staff to complexes of hundreds. Shared spaces make collaboration and cooperation easier.

  • Private spaces – as the open concept takes hold in business locations the need for some seclusion remains apparent. Even in today’s offices there’s a need for conference rooms and special event areas. They can take the form of such things as pods or nooks – brightly-lighted areas with comfortable furnishings where teams can gather, etc.

  • Bring in color – natural, neutral colors provide excellent backdrops but designers have run away from “institutional beige.” Trendy colors again mimic homeowner selections – popular grays, pastel blues and greens accented with bright colors that “pop.” Lighter colors reflect light and make the most of natural sunshine. Darker shades absorb light so are best reserved for areas where mood is important (think special areas in a café or coffee shop).

Remodeling To Make People Welcome

Whether you’re updating the reception area of a medical office or the neighborhood coffee bar, the goal is to make people feel welcome – employees and visitors.

Always pay attention to traffic patterns and work flow. Wasted steps lead to less productivity, more fatigue in the office and uncomfortable customers elsewhere.

Nationwide research shows people are happier and healthier in a “green” environment. That’s more than adding a few luxurious plants to the décor. It means using environmentally-friendly building materials. The use of metal studs rather than wood reduces the possibility of excess moisture. Selecting paints that have very low or zero levels of organic solids so there are no lingering fumes is a wise investment.

If you’re looking to attract and keep clientele or cater to your staff the goal is the same: make them feel at home. In an office, the setting is truly their “home away from home.” In the hospitality industry you want them to treat your place is if it is. Just like at home, people divide business spaces by function. Making them attractive and inviting as well as efficient benefits the bottom line.

Committed To Excellence In Commercial Remodeling

Westring Construction LLC has decades of experience working within both the commercial and residential remodeling arenas. Our professionals understand the demands of business and the disruption a renovation can cause. We’re proud of our track record of on-time completion and satisfied clients. Put our experience to work and you’re confident in getting the highest quality workmanship. Call Westring Construction LLC at 608-441-5435 or email us to discuss a project in your future. We’re committed to high-quality work and customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail shines on every commercial remodeling job we undertake in Madison WI.

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