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Commercial Remodeling in Madison, Wisconsin

What Is Commercial Remodeling?

Commercial remodeling can mean many things depending on the scope of the project. In general, it refers to improving the appearance and/or functionality of a commercial structure for its current use, maintenance and upkeep, or reconfiguring/redesigning the building for a new tenant or use.

Why Remodel?

Commercial remodeling may be needed for a variety of reasons. Buildings need to be maintained; older structures may need weakened structural elements or non-functioning systems replaced. Upgrading elements in the envelope of a building, such as windows and doors, or energy-consuming appliances or HVAC systems is desirable for energy efficiency.

Businesses need to refresh and update the face they present to the public. Tired-looking buildings do not come across well for marketing - not only considering the business’ marketing efforts. There is little to no control over what others share. If the business relies on foot traffic, approaching a building with a dated appearance or in need of repair or maintenance confers an impression of the business itself.

Additionally, adapting the space as the business grows increases functionality and efficiency. Commercial remodeling keeps the space current, as in reconfiguring the footprint in an office as staffing and technology needs change.

A sign frequently seen in the windows of spaces available to lease is “will build to suit.” Vacant buildings are often blank canvases to be reimagined by a talented and experienced remodeling contractor to transform the space for a new business. For example, it may be something like a new restaurant replacing one that has gone out of business. The type of business is the same, but it needs a whole new personality.

Common Projects in Commercial Remodeling

As previously mentioned, repairing structures and systems, upgrading energy-related elements, refreshing the façade, increasing efficiency and redesigning spaces for new tenants are all common reasons for a commercial remodeling project.

Adding square footage with an addition allows a business to remain in place while gaining the space it needs. This can be a very cost-effective project; relocating is an extremely costly proposition on many levels.

Bringing a building up to date with local building codes, or making it ADA compliant are also common commercial remodeling projects.

Choosing a Commercial Remodeling Expert in Madison, Wisconsin

Regardless of the reason for the remodel, the goal is to select the best firm for the project. The benefits of a design-build firm are a good place to start. Working with the client from inception to completion streamlines the build. With every aspect of the project under one roof communication between the teams at various stages is uncomplicated and uninterrupted. This minimizes misunderstandings and delays. The one-to-one aspect also facilitates a stronger relationship between the client and the contractor.

Commercial remodeling in Madison, Wisconsin often involves historic or classic older structures. Engaging a commercial remodeling company with a broad range of in-house expertise and experience is the difference between a ho-hum result and an efficient, eye-catching establishment.

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